How Do We Say, What Do We Feel, How Do We Love by Tash Keddy is a collection of short essays and photographs, combining artistic research with a psychoanalytic approach. The text is a multi-part examination of structure, feeling, desire and language. Tash Keddy is an artist who lives between Aotearoa/New Zealand and Amsterdam. If asked, 'Why would a Lacanian psychoanalyst want to make objects?' he might point out the dominance of visual content in our unconscious, (i.e dreams, metaphors, repetitions). Sculpture, photography, scents and audio works result from a process of manifesting and translating enigmas.

Tash Keddy How Do We Say, What Do We Feel, How Do We Love
Vacuum formed plastic cover
B&W print
20.5 x 28.5 cm
In edition of 30

Special edition
Vacuum formed plastic 
41 x 47cm

Take No Notice is a minature sandwich-board with a poetical but brutal ransom note made out of logo’s of several big corporations. In the background you see a picture of a broken sidewalk which indicates that the false hope of progess inevitably leads to a road that is not made for walking.   

Julia Dahee Hong’s practice encompasses photography, performance, writing, sculpture, and video. She questions values of socially inherited and culturally specific forms by referencing notions of service, emotional labour, and aspirations.

Julia Daheee Hong - Take No Notice
Soldered copper and  print on transparency
18.5 x 12cm

This edition is the result from a collaborative site-specific installation at Kunstplatform de Apotheek, Amsterdam in 2021. The exhibition focused on alternative medicine and its belief systems. This soap is enchanted by a 3D printed relic. 

B&w printed sleeve, glycerin soap,  3D print
10 x 14cm

This publication is based on a recent performance of Gloriya Avgust,
which guided the audience into a non-linear narration that unfolded a self, situated in the crevice between
the pressing body of memory and a yearning that continuously flexes its course.
For this release we looked for a way to publish the performance, which resulted in a unique ceramic artwork,
carrying audio bits on a usb stick from the performance that Sam D’hondt and Gloriya collaboratively wove into a musical score.
The usb is accompanied by a book with embossed drawings, held by a silk-screened pvc sleeve.

Gloriya Avgust is a visual artist from Bulgaria, currently based in The Netherlands, whose multidisciplinary practice involves writing, performance, and object-making. Her work often multiplies into myriad reflective surfaces in which one might recognize themselves and their place in the world.

Listen to the audio here

Gloriya Avgust - Loose Ends Hiding In The Kitchen Drawers
Silkscreened pvc sleeve, embossed paper and ceramic
14 x 20cm
In edition of 30

This cassette is a musical dialogue of artists Anton Lambert and ¿MON3Y. Lambert provided a stylized ambient atmosphere while ¿MON3Y a.k.a Gido Lahuis contrasts it with kraut like drone music. A beautiful contemplative mix of music! 

Anton Lambert & ¿MON3Y - Transient
Risograph cover printed by Risiko Press
Edition of 50

Listen to the album here