This publication is based on a recent performance of Gloriya Avgust,
which guided the audience into a non-linear narration that unfolded a self, situated in the crevice between
the pressing body of memory and a yearning that continuously flexes its course.
For this release we looked for a way to publish the performance, which resulted in a unique ceramic artwork,
carrying audio bits on a usb stick from the performance that Sam D’hondt and Gloriya collaboratively wove into a musical score.
The usb is accompanied by a book with embossed drawings, held by a silk-screened pvc sleeve.

Gloriya Avgust is a visual artist from Bulgaria, currently based in The Netherlands, whose multidisciplinary practice involves writing, performance, and object-making. Her work often multiplies into myriad reflective surfaces in which one might recognize themselves and their place in the world.

Listen to the audio here

Gloriya Avgust - Loose Ends Hiding In The Kitchen Drawers
Silkscreened pvc sleeve, embossed paper and ceramic
14 x 20cm
In edition of 30